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We Are There When You Want A Tow On Short Notice!

N&J Tow Company is available seven days a week. Whatever the issue appears to be, we’ll have it addressed immediately – call us whenever you need towing or roadside assistance.

About Us

You can rely on us to get your automobile back on the road safely when you need it the most.

N&J Tow Company has been in business for 8 years, delivering great towing and roadside assistance to our customers. Trucks, automobiles, motorhomes, RVs, trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles are among the vehicles we tow. From pick-up to delivery, our teams of exceptionally trustworthy and efficient experienced tow truck operators will guarantee that your equipment is handled appropriately.

Our Services

Light-Duty Towing Service

We are the company to call for all of your towing needs. We can help you with anything such as pulling out your car from your garage and deliver it to the nearest mechanic shop or just simply towing it back home. You can rely on our highly skilled tow personnel!

Medium-Duty Towing Service

When you bring your RV or motorhome to us, we will assist you with everything from towing to getting it back on the road. Our skilled technicians are available all day and night to make repairs quickly and efficiently while providing high-quality service at a reasonable price!

Heavy-Duty Towing Service

Our crew is up to any challenge! We work extended hours when you need a car moved or repaired. Simply call us since we have all of your transportation needs covered with prompt delivery and good condition vehicles that will bring any driver to their destination safely and without fuss.

What People Say

"The owner, Yola, is a nice lady. I can't say enough good things about him and his services. His towing staff was very pleasant and would keep you calm if you get into an accident on the road."
Hattie Doherty
Delivery driver
"My mother and I we're waiting for our insurance company to send someone to assist us. We had been waiting for over THREE HOURS, that’s when we decided to call a tow company on our own. We had been using N&J Tow Company for years and they really don’t disappoint us! They arrived in 15 minutes and towed us back home to get some rest, how I wished we had called them sooner. Many thanks again N&J Tow Company! "
Kitty Robertson
"I contact N&J Tow Company if I need an emergency tow or if anyone in my family needs a tow. They are industry leaders, veteran-owned, and always on time, which makes me adore them. I will always suggest this company to everyone I know!"
Lee Warren
Lock keeper

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(251) 385-6921

Mobile, AL

Contact us for unscheduled towing appointments, and we'll make sure your vehicle is in good hands. Our mechanics are highly qualified, experienced specialists that can tow any sort of car!